Use common sense

As a general rule leave the space like you would like to find it. No one is interested in finding your lunch leftovers on the table.

Please remember to clean up after yourself to keep the space tidy.

enjoy and yet respect 

Having a chat with each other, laughing or talking on the phone is more than likely part of your workday at velvet space, but keep in mind that others might need a moment of silence.

Just act considerate and have an eye on the people around you.

The key to communal success

We will always try to make sure everything is according to your needs, from a refilled refrigerator to positive office vibes. In the unfortunate case you do find something missing, we highly appreciate you giving us a hint, so we can take care of it.

Any proposals are more than welcome.

Green thinking

One of the pillars of the coworking movement is sustainability. At velvet space, we aim to act green.

Therefore we encourage you to use our recycling bins and switch off the lights when not in use.

Digital for the win

Think about the trees and the environment before you decide to print. We won’t charge you for printing and we understand that sometimes you can’t choose the paperless way.

Please try to keep it to a minimum so we can keep our fair use policy.

People over pets

We love pets as much as you do, but in case of any member having an allergy or the feeling of uncomfort, you will, unfortunately, have to keep them out of the space.

Sharing is caring

Our community flourishes from word-of-mouth. Why don’t let others know about your experience at velvet space? We welcome any kind of comments, reviews and shares on social media using the hashtag #thevelvetwayofwork.

Keep in mind that friend referrals are rewarded.