1. Is coffee included in the price?

Barista quality coffee, a selection of tea as well as water are always included, even if you come for a free trial day.

2. What do your memberships include?

Associated costs like electricity, wifi, office cleaning, a key so you have 24h access, printing, coffee, tea, water and meeting room credits.

3. Is there such a thing as a sign up fee for the first month?

No, we don’t like hidden costs, so our memberships are all inclusive and no additional fees are taken.

4. Do you have a monitor I can borrow?

Yes we do, just approach anyone of our team and ask.

5. What if I need storage?

No problem, let us know how much storage you would need and we will see what we can arrange.

6. What happens if I need to make a call?

In general, there is no problem with making calls in the open space area at a normal volume. But if you need your privacy or you feel like you’re disturbing someone you can either quickly use our meeting room or our phone booth on the first floor.

7. Can I bring my dog to velvet space?

We love dogs, so unless there are complaints from any of our members you’re more than welcome to bring your better half.

8. Can I stop by for a free trial day?

Of course you can, just send us a short e-mail with your preferred date so we have time to introduce ourselves and give you a proper tour of the space. 

9. Can I print at velvet space?

Yes you can, we follow a fair use printing policy.

10. Can I have lunch at velvet space?

Of course, we have inside and outside lunch areas and a microwave to heat up your meal. Also, there is a huge selection of restaurants and cafés just around the corner.

11. I love your fridge, where can I get a design like yours?

We worked closely with a local set painter to design the fridge, just approach one of our team and ask for the contact details of the artist.

12. I’m a night owl, can I stay and work until midnight?

If you have a monthly membership you have 24/7 access to velvet space. Yet, we recommend to always keep an eye on our event calendar in case there is something happening in our open space area. But don’t worry, we’ll always find a desk for you to work from.

13. Where can I see which events are happening in your community?

Either in the members portal or if you’re not a member yet, on our Facebook page .

14. Do I get a discount for the events if I’m a member?

Yes, on some of our events we are able to offer a members discount. That can vary between a 10-20% discount or a pay one and bring one friend for free.

15. What if I would like to organise an event myself?

No problem, we are happy to be your host. Just get in touch with one of the team and we will let you know the possible options.

16. How can I pay?

You have different options regarding the payment. If you want to pay on site you can either choose cash or debit/credit card. In the case you prefer online banking, we can easily send you an invoice and you can pay afterwards. Members with a monthly membership usually just list their card details in the members portal to do automated billing.

17. Can I book the meeting room if I am not a member at velvet space?

Yes, we also accept external bookings. You can simply write us an e-mail with time, date, number of people and billing details and you will receive a booking confirmation shortly after. Once the booking is over, you’ll receive an invoice which you can simply pay by bank transfer.

18. Can I bring a visitor?

Generally, visitors are always welcome and we are happy if you want to show them your work space. In case they need to stay for a couple of hours, simply book a time pass. We offer Half Day and Day Passes.

19. From which industry are most of your members?

Velvet space is happy to welcome like-minded souls who are open and compassionate, from startups, freelancers and established companies to young entrepreneurs and founders. No specific industry is favored, but rather a colorful selection is preferred in order to generate the greatest amount of inspiration and profit for each other.